About Us

About the Brand

Maike Ki Sandook is a union of Indian craftsmanship, opulence and versatile designs. Designed for the contemporary wardrobe that dances effortlessly between the realms of Indian art and designs that are relevant today and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. Each garment in the collection embodies the essence of an heirloom piece for the modern Indian women of today.

Maike Ki Sandook crafts a narrative that weaves together art, tradition, and culture all curated with a meticulous blend of soft tailoring and timeless silhouettes.

A celebration of the finest Indian silks, the purity of organic cotton, captivating prints, and the artistry of handmade craftsmanship.
Every stitch resonates with a commitment to sustainable luxury, and conscious fashion. A world of maximal yet simplistic fashion where the richness of India is celebrated through each MKS garment.

A canvas that paints the story of India's cultural magnificence. Revisiting the finesse of Indian textiles, the artistry of handwoven fabrics, intricate handwork, promoting Indian handloom and the soulful resonance of a heritage preserved in every fold and embellishment.

About the Founder & Designer

Once a dreamer with a sparkle in her eyes, Manju Prakash excelled the roles of a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children at an early age. Despite the fulfilling responsibilities, her dream of becoming a fashion designer lingered, patiently awaiting its turn.

As the years passed and her children flourished, Manju felt the calling to bring her dream to life. Thus, Maike Ki Sandook was born—a brand that embodies the essence of a mother's love, inspired by the folds of her wardrobe and the treasures she carries in her marital journey. Designing heirloom pieces that are conscious luxury and a heritage artisanal craft in contemporary silhouettes. Crafting collections that are passed down from generation to generations.

The name itself, Maike Ki Sandook, encapsulates the sentiment of a mother's home and the box of treasured heirlooms a married woman carries to her husband's home. In each intricately crafted garment, Manju weaves a story that transcends time—a narrative of love, warmth, and soulful connection.

For Manju Prakash, Maike Ki Sandook is not just a brand; it's a tribute to the profound love she discovered within her mother's wardrobe. The delicate lace, the folds of fabric, and the timeless pieces serve as a source of solace—a connection to a love that has shaped her existence.

In the words of the designer herself, "In my mother's wardrobe, I found more than clothes; I discovered a tapestry of love, woven with unbreakable threads." Maike Ki Sandook, by Manju Prakash, is an ode to the enduring spirit of love and the timeless beauty found within the folds of a mother's wardrobe celebrating India and Indian women in a treasured way.